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Learn how you can succeed using advanced manufacturing.

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From skills training to 3D printing equipment—we can help!

3D Skill-Up: Online Classes

Hone your skills and knowledge in design and manufacturing with professional video classes.

Design-to-Manufacturing Services

From expert consultation to design and manufacturing services. Let’s work together.

Tinkerine Cloud: 3D Printing Software

3D slicing. File storage. Printer management. All in one place. All on the cloud.

3D Printers & Materials

Start your own microfactory with high-quality, affordable 3D printers.

Production of Things 2.0

Traditional manufacturing processes can be slow and limiting in an ever-changing world. As technology evolves, these conventional systems are being rapidly challenged and disrupted by innovation in advanced manufacturing.

The Production of Things 2.0 is an ideology that embraces a new way to produce—one that is design-centric, localized, and agile.

The power of localized manufacturing

Quick to Market

Prototype and launch your products efficiently and cost-effectively.

Agile and Adaptable

Adapt quickly to unforeseen changes
(e.g. our COVID-19 response).

Design Thinking

Obtain the skills and tools to start solving any problem, in any field.

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